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We are totally committed to the care of your cat, so you can relax whilst you're away and give your cat a treat.

This modern, luxury facility has been custom built by a local craftsman and your cat can expect a relaxed and comfortable stay in well appointed rooms of generous proportions at Cambria Farm Cattery.

Room Features

We have boarding facilities for 50 cats and all our guests will be cared for in their own warm and well ventilated room with their own adjoining covered run.

Our rooms come complete with all home comforts including thermostatically controlled heating to allow for individual needs, clean and comfortable beds and a shelf by the window so our guests can sit and watch the views outside.

The spacious runs have a sun shelf, scratching posts, logs to climb or scratch and toys to play with. There is also plenty of space between the adjoining runs so that our guests can enjoy their neighbour's company without direct contact or feeling threatened.

The accommodation is for single or shared occupancy, but please note that only cats from the same household are allowed to share.

Litter trays are changed frequently and a choice of litter type is available.


We provide all the bedding and toys, however we do encourage you to bring your cats own bed or blanket or something familiar from home to help your cat settle in.

Travelling Baskets

Please take care to transport your cat in a suitable escape proof container.


We cater for all your cats requirements and pay close attention to individual preferences.

Veterinary Services​

We have 24-hr cover from our veterinary surgeons who are less than 15 minutes away. In the unlikely event that your cat needs veterinary services, we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your cat is properly looked after.

We will also make every effort to have your cat seen by your own veterinary surgeon.


We will be happy to administer any medication while your cat stays with us. For most medications to be administered there is no additional charge.

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