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In accordance with our license agreement, all cats must be fully vaccinated against upper respiratory infection (cat flu) and intestinal feline enteritis. 

Vaccinations and boosters must be completed before arrival and on every visit, an up-to-date certificate must be produced.

Illness and Wellbeing

If your cat shows any sign of being unwell we will contact you or your second contact to discuss the concern.  If deemed necessary we will immediately take your cat to the vet.

We have an agreement with our local vet who will provide treatment 24hrs a day

We welcome cats with special health or medical needs and can administer medicines any time of the day, as per your instructions.  Please bring medication and instructions with you on arrival.

Flea treatments and worming must be given prior to arrival.


Between every cat’s visit, each chalet is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to minimize any risk of cross- infection.


General grooming is part of the daily routine

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